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Motivational Speaker

Barry O'Brien conducts workshops and inter-active sessions for executives in corporate firms, school teachers, and students in professional institutes. His concepts are his own - innovative and original; his style is his own down-to-earth and friendly. His sessions are meaningful, even hard-hitting; but always full of humour and good cheer. His messages run deep, as he aims straight for the heart and finds it! He has conducted sessions for TATA-AIG, TCS, TATA Infotech; Royal School of Business, Guwahati and several schools, colleges and professional institutes across the length and breadth of India.

Creating and conducting workshops for corporate executives on how to communicate better, improve their Public Speaking skills, and make presentations more interactive and exciting.
Barry O'Brien conducts a workshop on the theme: Good People Make Good Managers! It is a motivational inter-active session for corporate managers and executives that aims straight for the heart and finds it!
Barry OBrien has helped conceptualise and add value to reward getaways and incentive schemes organised by the HRDs of corporates, to make the event more meaningful and enjoyable. He has done so on several occasions for HSBC, HSBC Canara and other clients over the years, by carrying the event through, never tiring while on the mike, always encouraging, motivating, and getting them to relax. 
Barry Sir conducts motivational sessions for young adults and students in professional institutes. It centers around Barry Sirs 4 Cs Content, Communicate the content, the Commercial you, the Charitable you!
Barry Sir conceptualizes and conducts workshops for teachers (pre-primary, primary, middle school) on how to communicate better, innovate in the classroom to make the lesson more interactive and exciting, and not lose focus of the vocation they have CHOSEN.

Barry O'Brien regularly conducts several courses and workshops, developed and designed by him, on Public Speaking, Personality Development and Effective Communication in English at the Calcutta Media Institute ( - his students range from the ages of 16 to 65!

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