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Anglo-Indian Community

As a committed social worker: Barry regularly interacts with Anglo-Indians from all strata of society and is deeply involved with their welfare, whether they belong to any association/organized group, or not. He visits and meets Anglo-Indians across the state and gives them a patient hearing.

As Governing Body Member of The All-India Anglo-Indian Association (in charge of West Bengal): This Association is the oldest (135 years old) and the only body with a national network of grass-root workers spread across 62 cities and towns. Each state is under the care of a Governing Body member. Barry has been the Governing Body Member in charge of West Bengal, since 2001.

He works closely with Calcutta Branch to raise funds for educational scholarships for about 400 needy Anglo-Indians in West Bengal. He is constantly in touch with Anglo-Indian students and their parents with regard to their education and career choices.

He also concentrates his efforts to raise funds for the welfare of elderly citizens and is in touch with them at the numerous homes for the aged.

He was nominated by the Governor of West Bengal to the West Bengal Legislative Assembly to represent the Anglo-Indian Community. He was the nominated MLA from 2006 till May 2011.

As a social worker, he continues to reach out to people young and old, stressed and distressed, those challenged and those looking for challenges. He is the Chairman of the East India Charitable Trust that runs two Homes for Senior Citizens, a school and home for girls from disadvantaged families, a nursery school for underprivileged children, and provides monthly financial assistance and medical assistance to about 85 families living below the poverty line.  

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