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In 2004, at a function held in Portugal, The Telegraph in Schools (TTIS) was awarded the prestigious World Young Reader prize awarded by the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) based in Paris, an agency that represents 18,000 publications worldwide and annually rewards new and unique initiatives for attracting young readers to newspapers.
Since its inception in 2000, it has been the responsibility of HRPL to motivate school students in West Bengal, to pool in their resources in a joint effort to produce (TTIS), a weekly newspaper for, of and by students. Though it is in English, it has been Barry Sir and Biswanath Sirs endeavour to use it to help bridge the gap between English-medium schools and vernacular-medium schools in West Bengal. This has, as a result, become more than just a newspaper it is a youth movement that provides a unique platform for healthy interaction between students belonging to every strata of society.
TTIS is Indias largest stand-alone newspaper by and for school students. The newspaper is a movement built around a weekly 16-page newspaper that is written by students and is for students. At its heart lies a 600-strong force of Tiger reporters who, with the training and guidance from the editorial team, decide the content of the newspaper.

TTIS gives students the platform to participate in producing the publication by guiding/training students in how to conduct interviews, report, review, edit and write responsible. TTIS is the voice of children and teenagers.
TTIS continuously works towards involving the student fraternity, providing them numerous opportunities to develop their personalities, gain confidence, and build self-esteem and self-confidence.
Events, workshops and activities are an important part of TTIS, as students come together and participate, encouraging the feeling of sharing and caring, irrespective of their backgrounds and medium of instruction.
One of TTIS\\\' most significant successes has been its phenomenal growth since 2005. From an average circulation per issue of 16,028 in 2005 it has today achieved a circulation of 41,739, and a readership of 1.09 lakhs.
Published by the ABP group, and edited by Dr Rudrangshu Mukherjee of The Telegraph, HRPL plays the key role of designing, coordinating and editing TTIS, and has been doing so since the paper was born in 2000.

Some highlights of TTIS, the movement:

Initiating the Bonding Beyond Borders initiative by sending students, teachers and principals of schools from West Bengal, across the border, on a historic trip to Pakistan. Led by Barry Sir, 45 Indians crossed the Wagah Border in Amritsar, and travelled by road all the way from Lahore to Karachi this was less than two years after the Kargil conflict! The message was short and simple: GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!
The following year, TTIS played host to founder Principal Parveen Kasim (Ammi), Faiza Kasim and a few students and teachers of Karachi High School. They visited several schools in and around Kolkata. Their message was short and simple: GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!
Through events, TTIS continues on its mission to build acceptance, friendship and mutual respect among school students, irrespective of their lifestyles, medium of instruction, and the social or economic strata they belong to. They play on a level field and stand should-to-shoulder on the same stage at events like The Great TTIS Challenge; TTIS Shoot-out Inter-School Five-a-side Football, Principals Meet and Tigers Jamboree.

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